My top choice Programs!

!Frogbux!Pay Per Click : $0.01, $0.0025 ref click,$0.005 per rented ref click Payout:$2!

Proclixer!Pay Per Click : $0.012,Free Upgrade $0.002 ref click, Payout :$1,!Free $0.25

Cloverbux!Pay Per Click : $0.01,Free Upgrade $0.004 ref click, Payout :$2,!

,!Pay Per Click : $0.01,Free Upgrade $0.003 ref click Payout :$2,!Free $1

Centsforfreedom.!!Turn 10 cents to millions!Prelaunch!

!Honestshares!Pay Per Click : $0.01,Free Upgrade! 10% ref click Payout :$3,!Free $0.25

Noxo!!Pay Per Click : $0.01, Earn 50% ref click Payout :$2,!Free $1!!Pay Per Click : $0.01 Payout : $2,Great admin!

legendfour!Pay Per Click : $0.015 – $0.001 ref click – Payout : $2 Free Upgrade and $0.99 in Purchase Balance

Clixidea!Pay Per Click : Upto $0.01 – Free upgrade – 100% ref click – Payout : $2.00

My other favorite #1 $$$$$               

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